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Making the Most of Marketing Cloud

If your company’s not properly utilizing the Salesforce tools you have, you could be leaving thousands on the table every year. Just imagine all the opportunities leaking out of your funnel…

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Optimizing Customer Journeys for Enhanced Experiences

A global end-to-end AI platform had a knack for helping companies increase all-around efficiency through Artificial Intelligence. With years of experience helping some of the world’s top organizations optimize their business’ functions, it was clear their system was powerful. But they came to Saltbox with a problem…

The Challenges

Despite their ability to fine-tune their prospects’ day-to-day processes, this company found themselves unable to effectively convert and onboard valuable prospects. With specific personas in mind, their team aimed at personalizing their experiences to increase engagement and maximize conversion rates.

And while they had grown to a respectable size, they didn’t have a dedicated marketing team. Combine this with having employees around the world, and scalability became a steep climb.

Between their lack of marketing coverage, and disconnected talent around the world, alignment became a significant obstacle for the company running this AI platform.

Fortunately, Saltbox is well-versed in end-to-end Salesforce optimization, and we were definitely up for the challenge!

Our Approach

The company reached out to us for strategic consulting, fractional marketing assistance and hands-on production within their Marketing Cloud. 

We started by implementing a cold nurture journey, sent-out to any prospect that cooled down over the past 24 months. We looked into their interests and behavioral data points, then connected the dots, using dynamic, personalized content. There are several examples of this throughout their marketing efforts — here’s one:

Jerry signed up for the AI company’s newsletter via a marketing-focused blog post. Based on this information, we were able to infer their job duties and better attend to their more specific needs.

The trick was getting the most from their extensive (very nuanced) Marketing Cloud.

We approached this by cross-referencing data from other systems to get a clearer, more comprehensive picture of each contact’s specific needs. With problems-and-solutions aligned, we began automating their emails, saving them hours of time from doing so manually.

But these efforts would mean nothing without proper long-term usage of their database. That’s why we conducted a final analysis of their contact counts within their Marketing Cloud. Or, an overage of their contacts vs their billing.

It was only after analyzing their Marketing Cloud that we noticed the bottlenecking. In other words, they were utilizing the same funnel for several efforts — as a result, they inevitably generated waves of new contacts, with few-to-none being actual decision-makers. 

With so many contacts flowing through a non-automated system, hot leads would go cold and eventually seek out a direct competitor. We felt that even with an automated system, this could happen again without maintenance.

So, we provided the company with a blueprint, which allowed them to self-audit their system to ensure they wouldn’t continue leaking profits from their funnel.

The Results

Thanks to our help, and provided blueprint, they were able to handle their own systems and allocate their marketing budgets towards inbound efforts. As a result, we parted ways.

However, they were ecstatic with the outcome! After implementing Einstein Send Time Optimization, they were able to do a much better job reaching people at the height of their engagement, rather than months after the fact. This proved to be a much more cost-effective system that will continue helping this company for years to come!

Wrapping Up

This value-based AI company was well-versed with helping their clients optimize their daily business tasks, but when it came to optimizing their prospecting systems, they needed a hand. That’s when we came in to better align their customer journeys, automate the system to save hours of time, and provide a much-needed blueprint to ensure their systems remain optimized for years to come.

Today, the company no longer needs our services, and is able to allocate their marketing budget towards new inbound efforts. In other words, we helped them get so much more from Salesforce and expand their horizons as a result.

If your company’s not properly utilizing the Salesforce tools you have, you could be leaving thousands on the table every year. Just imagine all the opportunities leaking out of your funnel… or you can contact the Salesforce experts at Saltbox. Request an intro meeting to get started!

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