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Accelerating B2B Order Visibility with MuleSoft

With MuleSoft's accelerators for OMS and EDI, and Intelligent Document Processing, companies can finally unify EDI orders and messy PDF data into a seamless Salesforce order processing stream.

Nathan Anderson - VP Solutions and Consulting

Over the last several weeks, MuleSoft has made two announcements that we know are going to have an important impact on how B2B companies do business. The first was the MuleSoft Accelerator for OMS and EDI, followed by the MuleSoft Intelligent Document Processing Accelerator. For a company like Saltbox Mgmt that works with companies on big B2B Commerce transformations all day long, these two tools are serious head-turners. Let's take a look at each one and how it's going to shake things up in B2B:

MuleSoft Accelerator for OMS and EDI

Many B2B companies do business via multiple channels. While storefronts are generally one of them, they often do not serve the company's biggest customers or highest volumes—most times this comes from an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) channel. EDI is still the predominant form of ordering in the enterprise space and, until now, it's been a show-stopping challenge to incorporate those orders into a Salesforce-centric OMS system. With this accelerator, EDI orders can be mapped straight into OMS, and even keep up a bi-directional flow as orders move through the fulfillment process.

Bottom line for businesses:

With this unified view, merchants can deliver a superior order fulfillment experience to customers. By streamlining the integration of EDI and other digital orders, this accelerator allows merchants to scale their B2B customer base rapidly while maintaining operational excellence. It's a modern solution that drives growth by offering a differentiated, seamless order management process.

MuleSoft Intelligent Document Processing Accelerator

Another channel that is often overlooked, or requires an expensive additional third-party solution, is "Unstructured Data," or PDFs. Yes, PDFs of Purchase Orders are still a big part of the B2B space and require—at best—a difficult-to-implement third-party solution or—at worst—manual effort to create orders from these PDFs. With this new MuleSoft RPA solution, companies can deploy this tool to read through the unstructured data of a PDF, map it to an Order data model, and quickly ingest these orders in real-time. Saltbox's own Spark accelerator can plug into this model directly and make it even easier to map this data and control the processing of these orders.

Bottom line for businesses:

The MuleSoft Intelligent Document Processing Accelerator delivers immense business value by leveraging advanced AI to automate data extraction from documents in any format. This streamlines previously manual, inefficient processes by seamlessly integrating the extracted data into your existing workflows and systems. By intelligently automating these critical tasks, the accelerator drives operational efficiencies, cost savings, and faster time-to-value across your organization.

Ultimately, these two accelerators represent the next generation of tools at the disposal of B2B companies looking to improve how their business works on the Salesforce platform, drive efficiency, and open up a true pathway to full Order visibility for an organization.

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