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Shorr Packaging: Masterclass

A relatively new Salesforce customer, Shorr Packaging is taking their digital transformation journey one thoughtful step at a time. Follow along with their journey in this recorded masterclass from Saltbox Mgmt and TradeCentric.

Saltbox Mgmt

Looking for something to watch on your lunch break? Saltbox Mgmt and TradeCentric recently joined forces to deliver an insightful masterclass exploring the ecommerce evolution of Shorr Packaging—one of the most technologically advanced packaging partners in the market.

Listen and learn all about how Shorr Packaging leverages TradeCentric’s cutting-edge technologies and Saltbox’s Salesforce implementation expertise to enhance their ecommerce offering, operationalize their integration strategy, and improve business efficiency, or—more simply put—make buying and selling easier for everyone involved.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to advance your ecommerce maturity
  • Better ways to support your customers and improve efficiencies in your business
  • That it's absolutely ok to crawl before you walk—in fact, it's necessary

We hope you enjoy and come away a new perspective and valuable questions for your team.

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